UncleT's (Brunswick Air Hockey Table)

This was my first air hockey table. It is a true Brunswick Blue Air Hockey table found in the arcades in the 1980's. Brunswick no longer makes true arcade air hockey tables anymore, so this was somewhat of a collector's piece. Anyway, I purchased the table from a person who mentioned it was for sale in the BYOAC Buy/Sell/Trade forums. He had this table in the living room of his one bedroom apartment. Basically, this was taking up his complete living space so he had to part with it. The table was originally colored grey with a red trim and really needed repainting due to this dull color scheme. My wife convinced me to paint it orange/blue to represent our favorite college football team of the Florida Gators.

However, I eventually had to sell this Brunswick table with the addition of my newer Dynamo Air Hockey Table table. I sold the Brunswick table to a collector in Texas.

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