UncleT's (Mom's Arcade) Dual Strike Hack Photos

Complete View
1) Complete View
Up/Down Pot
2) Up/Down Pot
L/R Pot, ABCD, RightTrig
3) Left/Right Pot, ABCD and RightTrigger buttons
4) Left Trigger button
X and Y buttons
5) X and Y buttons
Directional Pad
6) Directional Pad

In photo "3) Left/Right Pot, ABCD and RightTrigger buttons", the RED wire is at the bottom representing the Right Trigger Common point. However, depending on the version of your Dual Strike, this RED wire could be located at the top and be part of the Left/Right Pot wiring. Regardless of whether the RED wire is on the top or on the bottom, the ordering of the wires and my labeling in the photo remains constant.

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